Our "one stop shop" logistics services:

3rd Party Logistics Let us view your shipping patterns and volumes to maximize your shipping dollars. We will route your shipments for you, making sure everything is where it needs to be.
LTL These are shipments weighing less than 10000 pounds and/or take up less than 14 feet of trailer space.
Flatbed Service Federated can get your flatbed loads covered at a reasonable price.
Specialized Equipment Federated has the ability to cover loads that may need a step-deck, R.G.N., reefer, or double drop.
Dedicated Milk Runs We combine your freight with freight from other customers or create a milk run with just your freight. This will lower your claims ratio, decrease your inventory, and increase the control you have on your freight.
Cross Docking Federated can provide safe, affordable storage of your product. We operate our own warehouse as well as partnering with independent warehouse operators nationwide.
Truckload Service Give us a call for your shipments that weigh more than 10000 pounds and/or take up more than 14 feet of trailer space.
Volume LTL Shipments Sometimes we can get a better rate on a LTL shipment that weighs 10000 pounds or more but takes up 14 feet of trailer space or less.
Freight Consolidation and Distribution We can take all of your freight to one location and bring it to you when you need it.

Our "one stop shop" manufacturing services:

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